The restoration process requires vision and partnership planning with one of our project managers. In some cases this process  requires pre-cleaning the entire structure of harmful elements that would prevent the structure from being ready to receive the treatment.

Taking  methodical steps only ensure that our solution will have increased odds for better penetration and protection.  Restoring a fence can be a lot of work; in many cases, years of owners’ neglect can cause irreversible damage, and  some sections or the entire fence may need to be replaced.

We approach each project differently. The task of restoring a fence could require finishing what you have already started. Removal (stripping) of an existing product recently applied  and removal of a recently applied retail stain is labor intensive and expensive; in some situations, it may be more feasible and cost-effective to actually replace the sections of wood.

After the project area has been prepped for treatment, we suggest color options based upon best practices and experience. Older structures cannot receive light colors such as honey. In many situations projects being restored will require applying a darker color to mask the age of the wood.