About Stain-N-Seal Solution

Stain-N-Seal Solution, LLC primarily specialize in painting, staining, and sealing wooden fences. We also offer pre-dipping service [fully immersing your material in our oil based solution] cedar and pressure treated pine pickets, as well as cedar siding and shingles for better coverage and complete protection. Our services also include: painting new or existing three (3) or four (4) board ranch style fences; repainting existing fences; some minor repairs and custom paint and stain color combination to enhance the character of your project.

The concept of staining-n-sealing was endorsed by folks who were more concerned about the aesthetic visibility of the wood grain. We believe the #1 cause of a homeowner allowing his/her structure to turn from pretty to dingy is attributed to the subjective opinion [credible information] as to how long to wait after installation before getting the fence treated.

Most seasoned homeowner’s know the value of curb appeal. Preserving the appearance of your fence may not help increase the value of your home, but most certainly keep up curb appeal. So, if you are not quite ready to get your fence painted, stained, or sealed treated, consider just cleaning it! Let us create “Fence Envy!”

Often the first step to take in your project is to determine, if the fence needs to be cleaned. It will depend upon how long ago your fence was installed and/or if the fence comes in close contact with foliage or red-soil. We offer two (2) types of cleaning processes for your wooden fence: apply a chemical wood brightener solution or pressure washing. A new fence generally does not need to be cleaned. However, age and severity of discoloration are main factors which we consider before determining which method of cleaning to apply for best results.

Our Stain-N-Seal stain solution is manufactured in-house. It is an oil based, self-penetrating stain and sealant that is simultaneously applied all-in-one process. The solution will provide the very best preservation protection from the natural elements—if lumber is pre-dipped or treated 2 to 3 weeks after the installation. If a solid stain is chosen as a finish, then it is best to wait several weeks before having the stain applied. Doing so will allow the type of lumber being used, exposure to the sun for thorough drying out.

Stain-N-Seal Solution is a Licensed & Insured full-service wooden fence painting and staining preservation company. We manufacture our Commercial Grade Stain-N-Seal Solution!

Our services provide clients with a two (2) year written warranty for fences treated 30 days or more after being installed or a three (3) year warranty for fences treated with our S-N-S Solution between 1-30 days after being installed. Effective January 01, 2014 our warranty entails an one-time free touch-up, up to 50 linear feet of fencing to the side with the most wear from Sun degradation upon prior SNS office inspection.

We service Alpharetta, Atlanta, Buford, Hampton, Decatur, Kennesaw, Lawrenceville, Locust Grove, Marietta, McDonough, Milton, Norcross, Smyrna, and Tucker. Please call 404-909-9139 or email charles@stain-n-sealsolution.com if you have any questions at all or would like to request an estimate. We look forward to hearing from you and hope you find the information provided, useful in helping you to decide.