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Stain-N-Seal Solution, LLC is a licensed and insured full-service wooden fence preservation company

Specializing in fence painting, fence staining, and fence sealing new and existing wooden privacy, split rail, and farm fences.

Our services for fence painting, fence staining, fence sealing and fence cleaning are exclusively for wooden fences.

Our sealer is a self-penetrating wood sealer that preserves the structure. Our sealant helps to minimize cupping, bowing, splitting and checking. Our fence sealing solution acts as a weather shield for exterior wood structures.


Our unique sealant is designed to extend the life of your fence. We apply our solution and/or paint or stain to the structure with a “wet-over-wet” two coats process. Our stain / sealant is a semi-transparent stain made with paraffinic oil.

We offer our fence painting services in Atlanta and its surrounding areas, along with fence staining, fence sealing and fence cleaning. We offer a Two (2) & Three (3) year warranty – free touch up. Inquire for details and restrictions

Our specialty is painting and staining all types of wooden fences, but we also clean fences. We have two types of fence cleaning services: chemical wood brightener and pressure washing. Custom treatment ideas will include a solid and semi-transparent stain treatment combination.

Our stain-n-seal solution is generously applied for adequate coverage. cropped-stainnseal-1.jpgHowever, previously treated wood does not always clean uniformly, sometimes causing sealed wood to appear uneven as it dries out.

At Stain-N-Seal Solution, we paint, stain, and seal all types of residential and commercial wooden fences.